Fifteen years is a long time

The last race I covered at Saratoga Race Course was a dead heat in the Amsterdam between Mint and Secret Firm. It was 1998, and three days later I started a job as a staff writer at Thoroughbred Times.


Inspiration, from a book

It’s just a book, right? And center field at Fenway Park is just grass. The Kentucky Derby blanket of roses is just a bunch of flowers. The Stanley Cup is just a trophy. This Was Racing, by Joe Palmer, was published in 1953. It’s so good, Red Smith edited it and wrote the foreword. The … Read more

To yell or not to yell

Do you yell at a computer? Watching horses who oftentimes run at places where I can’t attend, I find myself standing in front of a computer, watching, imploring, cajoling and wrestling with the urge to yell.  Live, you can’t help it, you jump out of your chair, scream, yell, throw your program, slap your friends … Read more