The Inside Rail

Thank you, Mr. Kelly

Veteran trainer Pat Kelly announced his retirement this week. The backstretch won’t be the same. Here’s one of my favorite Cups of Coffee, Cans and Carrots, written July 29, 2016. Pat Kelly parked his bike, a spray-painted, no-brand beater with a fading Free John Veitch bumper stick, a trash bag on the seat, a brass … Read more

Friday Already

It’s Friday again…it looks like writing every day has become writing once a week. That’s OK, better than not writing at all. Here’s a quick update before jetting off for another Ski Friday. Cold and blustery today. Last week, it wound up with a trip to the emergency room as Miles attempted the thrill of … Read more

Ski Friday

Ryan borrows my coat. I now have three coats on the mountain while I sit solitary in the lodge, huddled over a laptop. One of the twins drops their mittens, I retrieve and toss on their table, they thank me. A kindergartener screams to go home, then bustles out the door like Franz Klammer at … Read more

Thursday Return

It’s about time I start writing again. It’s been far too long. No resolutions, no declarations, just a first step to write more often. No, Joe, I’m not declaring that I’m writing everyday, 24/7/365. I’ve lost that battle, somewhere in the 1,000 Mile Challenge and Read 52 Books a Year. Our website looks and feels … Read more

The Inside Rail – Catching Up

Catching up from Sean Clancy’s daily posts since March. Thursday, June 16, 2022.Horse Tracker on Racing Post. Part ticker. Part black book. Part Post-it Note. Part alarm clock. It’s filled with eyecatchers from somewhere along the line, a lot of hunches, a few tips and touts, fresh faces and old friends. Some I remember, with … Read more

Guest Writer

It’s at the top of Cleeve Hill, right before we dive into the maelstrom that it hits me. Festival Radio crackles to life, the course opens like a picnic blanket in front of you, the memories and the possibilities rattle and it’s all at the touch.  My friend, George Baker, said it better than I … Read more

What Hour?

Lose an hour of sleep? Spring ahead. What the hell is this?  Ah, I’m usually on an overnight flight to Cheltenham when this ridiculous occurrence occurs. You basically lose a night’s sleep, the hour lost in the shuffle of international travel. Land running, energized by what lies ahead. Highclere Lunch with the Bakers Sunday. Early … Read more

White Out

I did it. Yup, I did it. Pulled up all the snow sticks. It was a beautiful afternoon a few weeks ago, the sun was shining, blue skies, short sleeves and spring was here. For real. I pulled up the white plastic stakes with spray-painted blue tops from the house to the barn and had … Read more

Tick Tick

Some days you look up and it’s 8:14 on a Friday night and you haven’t written a word here.  Four thousand words for Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred. City Dreamer and Include It schooled, reports pending. Grocery Store. Zoom call with the NSA. The eighth at Golden Gate. Now, halibut and a fresh salad with a friend on … Read more


Regrets Only

I’m not going to Cheltenham this year. There I said it.  I’m taking a hiatus from my favorite trip this year. This will be the third Festival I’ve missed since 2002. Herniated discs in my neck in 2016. Covid last year. And now this year, for a variety of reasons. I’m OK with it this … Read more