Our readers, advertisers and other customers love what we do – no matter where we do it (online, in The Saratoga Special newspaper, with the Thoroughbred Racing Calendar and/or with any of our other projects). We’re sure you will to.

“I picked up a copy and said, ‘This is great.’ ”

Saratoga Special Reader Lee Willis, of The Willis Group real estate, who turned into an advertiser

“Thank you for making the season “Special;” the most sought-after Saratoga publication for 40 days each year! Lasts longer than Advent and Christmas season!”

Saratoga Special Reader Mark Phillips

“It’s easy to support crazy projects run by good people.”

Saratoga Special Reader Jack Hutcheson, who swears by the information he picks up along the way (he gets us)

“You guys do an incredible job. I live in the D.C. area now and read it every day. I make it up there three or four times during the meet and thanks to the Special I always feel in tune with what’s going on. Thanks for doing it. Keep up the amazing work!”

Saratoga Special Reader John Phillippe

“Though I’m sitting here in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, my spirit just spent a couple of hours in Saratoga as I devoured the first three issues of The Special. Hurray for the Clancys and their vision that’s still smokin’ after 16 years! You guys do such a superior job with the paper, and I love how you’re constantly striving to raise its quality. When I’m up there, the first thing I do every morning is look for my copy of The Special. Even though its online (and thank God for that when not in ’Toga), there’s nothing like having the real thing – that fat hard copy – in my hand as I settle onto a bench at the Morning Line with coffee and a bacon sandwich!”

Saratoga Special reader Della Micah

“Just wanted to thank you and your crew for the outstanding job with The Special.  I was lucky enough to come across it this year and read every issue on the web.”

Saratoga Special reader Doug Sutherland

“Thank you for sixteen years of reading enjoyment.  I love your website where I can enjoy the editions even when I am back home here in Arizona.  Keep up the amazing work, and I will possibly see you when I am back in Saratoga in 2017.”

Saratoga Special reader Joseph Geoghegan, who has been there since the start

“Best. Issue. Ever.” 

Old Friends’ Michael Blowen, about the 2015 Travers Day edition

“I don’t know how you guys do it. I read it and think, ‘How do they have time to do all this?’ There are a lot of little things that make Saratoga awesome and it’s one of them.” 

Trainer Norm Casse

“The highlight of my morning.” 

Trainer Rusty Arnold

“Saratoga is the August place to be and if you want to reach the right people, this is the place to do it. Everybody reads it.”

Bernie Sams, Claiborne Farm

“Fasig-Tipton has been a Saratoga Special advertiser since the beginning, and we’re proud of our association with such a fine publication. Our sponsorship of the Stable Tour feature is a big hit and a great example of how The Special works to meet our promotional needs.” 

Boyd Browning, Fasig-Tipton

“When we needed the editorial insight and expertise for a special project involving the sale of Princess Of Sylmar a few years back we turned to the ST Publishing team and they delivered the same quality, in-depth and engaging content that they provide every day in The Saratoga Special.”

Mark Taylor, Taylor Made Sales

“The Triple Crown of writers Tom, Joe and Sean. We read The Special, we advertise in The Special and liked their work so much we asked them to write and design our annual award’s dinner program. Tom offers a year-round Saratoga presence, which adds to the quality. They know the sport and love the sport.”

Jeffrey Cannizzo, former New York Thoroughbred Breeders executive director

“Wouldn’t it be great to be in Saratoga for the entire race meet…well Joe, Sean and Tom are there every day and they deliver their passion, knowledge and love for the sport to the rest of the world. Keeneland sponsors the digital edition, which is the closest thing to being on the rail in the morning and the winner’s circle in the afternoon.”

Geoffrey Russell, Keeneland director of sales

“You guys have been so good to me, some of the articles, since I first starting coming up here, that’s why I like coming here, I like you guys, I like that paper. I like the whole thing about Saratoga, the whole feel of it.”

Charlie LoPresti, trainer of Horse of the Year Wise Dan

“I sent the Travers issue home to my parents in England. They loved it. A great newspaper.”

Bas Nicholl, assistant trainer to Hall of Fame trainer Wayne Lukas

“It’s the best thing to happen in horse racing. It makes it fun. I wish every racetrack had you guys.”

Dr. Mark Cheney, longtime Thoroughbred veterinarian

“The best writers in the game.”

Hall of Fame jockey Mike Smith

“You guys help us out in the industry.”

Trainer Neil Howard

“The Special outdid itself once again. Thank you for what you do.”

Trainer Mitch Friedman, at the end of the 2013 season

“You can tell you love the game.”

Hall of Fame trainer Allen Jerkens (one of the original readers)

“I wanted to thank you for the wonderful post-race interview and informative column for Hangover Kid’s first stakes victory. I’m sure this was just one of many joyful days you write about in the lives of owners, breeders and trainers but the exclusivity meant a lot to my boss (Four Tags Stable) and his attending family.”

Owner Bruce Grossman

“I’ve come full circle with the Special – from avid fan and reader to writer and now back to daily reader.  Writing for The Special (2002-04) was a tremendously rewarding experience both professionally and personally. It opened doors for me in the horse racing television business. But more importantly the experience taught me how to develop relationships and tell stories effectively. The Special captures the stories that make Saratoga a compelling place. And nobody tells them better – about the people and horses, about the history and about tomorrow. I made my first trip to Saratoga in 1988 and have been back every summer. When I’m not in town and at home in Maryland, I’m reading the Special online every morning.”

Quint Kessenich, ESPN commentator and Special alumnus

“When we’re not at Saratoga, reading The Special online is the next best thing to being there. During the week we visit, The Special has become as much a part of our tradition as a stroll along Broadway, a gulp of Big Red Spring water or Tom Durkin’s ‘They’re in the gate.’ I know I speak for many other racing fans in saying we appreciate all that you do. Your love of the game shines through.”

Saratoga Special reader Bill Newill

“Thank you all for another great year of doing what I had previously thought not possible…making the Saratoga racing season even more wonderful. All your hard work, sleep deprivation and missing family are worth it…at least from a reader’s point of view. And you’re not allowed to retire. Ever.”

Saratoga Special reader Annie Wroblewski

 “Thank you and your staff for the great work. Such an integral part of the summer at Saratoga. For those who were not able to attend that many cards it provided so much of the Saratoga flavor and mystique.”

Saratoga Special reader John Nizlek

“Beautifully written piece, about a great night that benefits a truly worthy cause!”

Saratoga Special eader Julie Ziek, after an article about the Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund

“The conduit from the horse to the racing fan.”

Longtime racing fan and Saratoga Special reader Jimmy Dintino

“This is your legacy, whatever happens, look at what you did, The Saratoga Special is part of history now.”

Trainer David Donk

“I really appreciate your arranging to have The Special delivered. I even got a thank you note from an infrequent resident. I would bring in the paper and put copies on the first and third floor to give it the most exposure. The early part of the meet all the papers were taken.”

Reader and condo manager Alexandra Morgan

“Can’t tell you how much enjoyment you have brought to this Phoenix household. Finding quality racing news in Arizona is like finding snow. We read every page including the advertisements. We feel like we are there. Thank You, Thank You.”

Readers Kent and Yvonne Kunz, who own Discount Feed in Arizona

“I’ve been meaning to drop you this note, I loved your special Travers edition. It was informative, fun and great reading. Nicely done. I really enjoyed that Saturday edition.”

Reader and advertiser Dan Collins, Bona Venture Stables

“Just a note to let you Clancy boys know how much an old racetracker enjoys your paper. My dad, Murray Tynan, covered racing for the New York Herald Tribune during the late ’30s and early ’40s. My connection to racing was being a manager with the Harry M. Stevens company at the NYRA tracks. Again, thanks for your great paper.”

Reader Frank Tynan

“The straightforward human interest story about Antonio Sano and his unfortunate kidnapping and subsequent success training here in the U.S., was a joy to read. The behind-the-scenes article about the Saratoga maintenance crew’s effort to restore the track after Saturday’s washout was also a fascinating read. Thanks. Hope the remaining days of the meet yield similar stories. 

Reader Shawn Meyers

“I have been receiving the (email) blasts the last two days.  I appreciate your effort in following up with me. Forget the equine writing awards, you guys deserve a Pulitzer. Great reporting, interesting features and insightful knowledge for any level of fan. All of this done with an artful touch which shows the emotional and compassionate side of a fascinating sport held in disdain by many who just don’t get it. Keep up the effort. The Special has a lifetime fan in me.

Reader Jim Ueberroth

 “Guys, these emails have been tremendous. Thanks so much. I’ve had awful stress insomnia for about eight months now and wake up between 1-3 a.m. and can’t get back to sleep. It’s been a JOY to wake up and say ‘Oh yeah! I can read The Special!’ I’ve read every word of every edition!”

Reader Michael Pawluk

“Not sure if anyone will get this email, but I am in California traveling for work, and after a long week of time-zone adjustments and missing the action in Saratoga, The Saratoga Special hit my inbox at 12:18 ET/9:18 PT, and it makes being up at all hours worth it to be able to read it at first release. Thank you for making my night/morning!” 

Reader Jessica DiLorenzo