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We gathered. For the Virginia Steeplechase Awards last night. Big turnout. Great to see.  Riverdee accepted two awards, the Virginia Owner of the Year and the Virginia owned Horse of the Year for City Dreamer.  I said a few words. Here goes.  First of all, I’d like to take a moment for the people of … Read more


Where did the week go? Manic Friday. Miles back to school. Hammers and saws on the northeast side of the house. Need to ride one horse. Rehearse two acceptance speeches for the Virginia Steeplechase Association’s awards tonight. Two stories to write for Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred (I’m getting there, Joe). Saturday Special. Races to watch Friday. Form … Read more


Life on the farm. The mouse trap is gone, not a good sign. Set in the sliver between the cabinet and the stove, the contraption is gone this morning. Three killings in two nights and this morning it’s gone. Are they mad? A revolution? We’ve never had a mice issue, until the renovation, put it … Read more


It’s that time of day. Buckle down for another hour or get outside, run, walk, have a catch, weed the garden… Toiled all day. Emails. Phone calls. Sales pitches. Service calls on the farm. Proofing a brochure. Door trim choices.  It’s 63 degrees. Miles is restless. I’m restless.  See you tomorrow. Sean is trying to … Read more

The View

Spring is definitely in the air. Managed 3 miles around the Hill School campus this evening. Stunning views from the top of the hill, flag waving, Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance, sun slicing under the clouds and beyond the mountains, every shade of every color cascading. Nothing could feel farther from Ukraine.  Sean is … Read more

Spring Ahead

Spring is nearly here… Trainers are sending videos of new prospects jumping logs and rolls.  Spring is nearly here…  We’ve sold four shares in four horses in the past two days. Spring is nearly here…  We’ve opened the windows.  Spring is nearly here… We’ve washed the purple Rambo rugs.  Spring is nearly here… Babe Ruth … Read more

Long Day

Time has slipped away. That’s what happens on Sundays. Barn chores early, no time to write. Beautiful afternoon which led me to the garden, instead of the computer. Now, it’s evening and I’m running out of steam. Watching the news, the Ukraine travesty. You think you have problems… Sean is trying to write every day, … Read more

Saturday Schedule

Quiet Saturday morning. Overcast but warming up. Good day to spend on the farm with a list of chores. Watching the Saudi Cup, the Japanese are dominating thus far and decent jump racing at Kempton and Chepstow. Taking notes, looking for recruits, basically rooting horses to finish fourth, good enough for me, not good enough … Read more


It’s 5:26 Friday evening. I’ve worked all day. I need to write. Miles wants to have a catch. I’ll see you tomorrow. Sean is trying to write every day, for more from the Inside Rail, check out the blog’s main page.  

Current Events

Russia has invaded Ukraine. Bullies bully. And sometimes they win.  Champion jockey Oisin Murphy is suspended for 14 months, for Covid and alcohol violations. Natural in the saddle, fragile out of it. I hope he can get his life together, it will be a long, slow, brutal process. I’m rooting for him.  Medina Spirit is … Read more