White Start

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Winter is back in the Northeast. Actually it never left, with temperatures down into the single-digits some nights and a consistent layer of snow covering the ground since just after the New Year.

It’s snowing again today, a white start to the week we hope marks a change and improvement here at This Is Horse Racing.

The holidays are long complete and we gathered last week at the home base in Fair Hill to discuss the weeks, months and years ahead. Alright, maybe we didn’t talk in years, but we definitely thought about this winter, spring, Saratoga, fall and beyond.

What we hope to deliver is better and more consistent content, the kind of content that readers like. Things like “Horse of a Lifetime,” that appeared in Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred and earned Joe Clancy an Eclipse Award in the News/Enterprise category.

Joe’s Eclipse Award comes five years after brother Sean won in the Commentary category for his piece titled “Life’s Work” that appeared in The Blood-Horse magazine.

Joe texted us the news right before New Year’s, right after he got the call. We obviously talked about it again at “the summit” in Fair Hill and when it was officially announced last Tuesday everybody else was talking about it, too.

Sean joked the night Joe sent the text that “Tom’s next.”

I didn’t remind him in a reply via text, waiting a few days to remind him that “even though it wasn’t in the writing category,” that “I’ve got one, too.” That Eclipse Award came in 2011 when Greg Charkoudian and I won for Thoroughbred Times in the Multimedia/Internet category for coverage of the Breeders’ Cup at Churchill Downs.

Joe and Sean won’t brag about this kind of thing, so allow me to do it. After all, when I came on board in December 2012 it was to “lead the company’s marketing and sales efforts in Saratoga Springs.” So, that said, if you’re scoring from home that makes three Eclipse Awards for our three-man year-round team at ST Publishing in the last six years.

But that was then, this is now. People care less and less these days with what you’ve done and more about what you’re going to do. So what are we going to do? We’re going to challenge ourselves, that’s what, and hopefully step up our games even more in 2015.

See you at the races.


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