Talking Business with Chris

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My friend Chris Burkhard – who owns the Placers, a workforce/staffing/consutling company in Delaware – talks to me about business, frequently. He’s got ideas, opinions, thoughts (really good thoughts) and perspective. I listen, sometimes follow his suggestions and always soak in everything even if some little voice tries to tell me that none of it applies to me. Of course, I’m wrong there. Advice from someone like Chris always applies, even to someone like me. 

Anyway, he talked me into being a guest on his business podcast, which typically features a serial entrepreneur, somebody who scaled their company, hired a bunch of employees, became a mentor, and all those other things I haven’t done. I have to great insight or wisdom, but my did manage to start a company with my brother that has gone from a part-time lark in a basement – with a third-hand Gordon’s (I think it was Gordon’s) gin bottle lamp jammed into the ceiling for light – to a full-time small business now in its 28th year. 

He asked me how we got here, what it took, if I had any advice for people. It felt like all the other conversations we’ve had – two guys who lived (he moved away) in the same neighborhood and who sent their kids to the same school talking shop. I’m not sure if I said this on the podcast, but if there’s one certainty in business, it’s that nothing ever stays the same. Adapt, work hard, find something you like, do the best you can under whatever circumstances you’re dealing with, create something people enjoy and you’ll be served well – no matter the field.

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