White Out

- -

More snow. I just saw the headlights turning into the driveway, we have help. Another snow day for Miles. Not for the horses. Winter has arrived, which is good in the long run, we need winter, we need cold temperatures to balance the environment, the ecosystem. Remind me that in a couple of hours when I finish the barn. The horses, they don’t care, they gallivant around, rip and tear. I like how they hesitate for a moment when they walk out of the stalls, surprised by the white fluff, they snort, pick up their legs like Roger Craig on his way to a playoff touchdown, then settle into a rhythm, a natural balance of the equine and the elements.

Spring plans, spring races, seem far away at the moment. The National Steeplechase Association condition book just came out. Sixteen meets on the schedule. Hopefully they will all happen. I’ve marked it up already, placing horses names next to selected races. An owner with a condition book…

Off to the barn to deal with winter and dream about spring. 

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