When in doubt, go with the weather

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I’ve begun to read Kim Bailey’s blog most mornings. The British trainer offers updates on his horses, changes in handicap marks, a few comments, thoughts, observations, photos and a joke. Oh, and the lede, he’s mastered this, leading with the weather every day. Now, in journalism school (if I actually went…), the professors always said the weather is not your lede. Well, times change.

Plus 7 and drizzling when driving in…

Bailey doesn’t worry, ponder, tinker with his lede, he rolls in the driveway at Thorndale Farm high in the hills of Gloucestshire (I actually hunted there last year, stunning place), checks his thermometer and has completed the hardest part of writing, the lede. Done and dusted, foundation built, now add the bricks.

I like it. I might try it.

27 and clear when looking out the window…

Perfect, I don’t have to wonder how I’m going to start this blog each day. Each day? As one of my past editors (yes, I used to have editors) used to say, ‘Stop promising things you can’t deliver.’ Well, I’ll try to deliver.

A few Riverdee horses hit the overnight this weekend, small steps up the big mountain, as The Grange begins her season with a training flat race at Stoneybrook and Jewish Holiday makes his hurdle debut at Old Dominion Point-to-Point. I’ll be at the latter. Jewish Holiday is part of the steeplechase sale Sunday, one share available. It’ll be interesting. Build it and they will come? We’ll see. I was asked to find prospects for the sale, there are real prospects this year, by the likes of Dynaformer, Malibu Moon, Purim and other proper stallions.

Check out the catalogue for the sale here

Speaking of point-to-points, if anybody found a pair of binoculars at Orange County, please return to this writer. Miles and I went to the races, we lost Miles’ copy of King Lear but luckily owner/trainer Don Yovanovich found it and returned it to Miles. We lost his hand-woven Peruvian wool hat, his mother’s favorite, but found it. We lost my binoculars and have not found them. Reward offered.  

Congratulations to Kate and Bernie Dalton and Shadowfax Stable for their win with Express Line at Camden. Another Riverdee/Clancy Bloodstock graduate. And, yes, Bailey does offer a few shameless sales pitches and pats on the back along the way. So, that’s mine for today. 

– Watch Express Line win at Camden here. 

See you tomorrow. It should be 40 degrees and overcast…