Weekend in Middleburg

- -

Nothing like Middleburg, Virginia. 

Miles on vocals and Jamie Potter on guitar nailed Tangled up in Blue in the Hill School Talent Show. The fourth year Miles has done the talent show, this year he had fun with it, bouncing, swaying, playing with the notes and verses like it was his song. As a parent, you enjoy the show the best you can while hanging and hoping on every note, every verse.

My partner, Joe Spytek, and I lost the second round of the Middleburg Tennis Club winter tournament. Your next question, if you’re remotely interested in my activities, is “You play tennis?” Well, no. Perhaps, that’s why we lost. Jeb Hannum and Britton Condon far too strong.

We bought a driftwood horse sculpture at the annual Art of the Piedmont auction. Hosted by the Middleburg Montesoori School, they sent us VIP tickets this year. Perhaps, we spend too much money buying art each year… Fun night, great to see local artists hang their pride and joy on the wall for all to scrutinize and analyze.

I’m counting down the minutes to go fox hunting with the Piedmont Fox Hounds. The first time I’ll be out all season. It’s 19 degrees. I need to find my gear, see if it still fits. I’m, what’s the right word, not nervous, not apprehensive, not excited, well maybe a little of all three…edgy. Yeah, maybe edgy. I don’t ride enough not to be edgy these days.