This Old House

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We are in the process of renovating our house. Long overdue, going all the way back to when we bought the 1860s-original-with-1980s-additions identity crisis about a dozen years ago. Like good horse fanatics, we renovated the bank barn first and put off doing anything to the house. 

We could only put it off for so long. 

New siding. New windows. New roof. New doors. Update the electric. Fix the front. Fix the sliding doors that leaked into the kitchen. Fix the choo-choo train look to the northeast. Move the generator. Cut off the bulky wings of the fireplace, repoint the fireplace. Add a dining room. Add a mudroom. Add a laundry room. Design and install patios in the front and the back. Landscape everywhere. Redo the kitchen (on hold). And some other things. 

Annie taking the brunt of it – from paint colors to light bulbs. Every decision leading to another decision, every move leading to another move. Bill Gallo always asks, “What are the unintended consequences?” when faced with a decision.

That’s the story of a renovation of an old house. We battle the unintended consequences.

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