Still Running

- -

The iRun Local Challenge continues. Behind schedule, but steadily ticking off the miles. Tom and I, the creators of such lunacy, are certainly lingering in the back of the pack, way off Joe, Brent, Ryan, Nolan and all the players. For all the reasons – injury, weather, motivation. Yeah, all the reasons. Tom is at 149.4 and I’m at 143.4 after back-to-back days this week. We are meant to be at 250 at the end of March. Whew, that’s tricky. One foot at a time. One mile at a time. One motivating moment at a time. 

Hunting on Friday definitely didn’t help as I decided to run Saturday, thinking that would help loosen up the strained muscles from Friday. As my high school hockey coach, Don Centrella, used to yell from the bench, “Good idea. Good idea,” as we got pummeled by West Chester East and Conestoga. Yeah, running 5 miles the day after riding for four hours was definitely not a “good idea.” But we continue. 

The first overnight of the spring jump season is out. Funny how it feels like a long winter and now it seems like an early spring. Check out the entries. 

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