Saturday Morning

- -

The coffee’s made, that’s the only thing moving around here. It’s dark. Horses mill around outside the door, I can only hear them, that’s all, strolling, heads are down.  

Up early, out the door, day trip to Queen’s Cup to see Motivational run in the maiden hurdle. A runner at Foxfield, a couple of runners at Middleburg Point-to-Point tomorrow, that’s the weekend. Missing Arbour Day Celebration (Miles’ tree poster won an award), missing the Cubs vs. the Astros at Franklin Park and missing the Maryland Hunt Cup.

Weekend sports, tricky.

I took a day trip to Fair Hill this week, checked on four horses there, wow, they’re thriving. There’s nothing like Fair Hill in April, especially with horses who are coming back from winter breaks, the sky’s the limit. At the moment. It’s about to get very busy.