Office Hours

- -

Working from home. 

I went to see what Charles was doing. For solidarity’s sake. It had something to do with a broken chain harrow, scrap metal. He showed me his new wagon. Future scrap metal. We started to clear the fence line. Burn pile. We found another chain harrow buried under a pile of brush. More scrap metal. I lost an hour.

I went to check with Rob about Saranac. To see how fresh he was in the round pen, to see if the ring had thawed out. We chatted about winter training, I went in the tack room, found some carrots, fed them to the horses, cleaned Eli’s water bowl. I lost an hour. 

I went to see what Annie was doing. Winter cleaning. Her closets look like Charles, Eli and the chain harrow(s) had gone through them. I gathered up the hangers for the dry cleaner. Started a load of laundry, shoe bags and garment bags. I lost an hour.

Not working from home. 

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