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It was the first sporting event to pique Miles’ interest. Four years ago, today. Eagles and Patriots. Super Bowl LII. Minneapolis, Minnesota. Five-time champion Tom Brady. Career backup Nick Foles. 

I revved up Miles, 9 at the time, about the Super Bowl. I explained the significance of it, explained the frustration of being an Eagles’ fan over all these years. We played a game in the backyard early that afternoon, you know the ones where son plays hard, Dad plays even and the game goes down to the wire, to overtime, a last-second catch in the corner of the garden, er, endzone. We knew some of the players – Brady, Gronk, Foles, Ertz…

Hours later, those same guys played their hearts out. Miles was enthralled – the missed 2-point conversions, the drop by Brady, the Philly Special, Doug Pederson calling plays like John Wayne walking into a saloon…and Nick Foles becoming a hero to a dad and son, sharing a game, sharing a moment. 

Foles said he felt, “calm” during the final 14-play drive to win the game.

He was the only one. 

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