One year

- -

The date is marked on the calendar, more of a reminder than a celebration. April 3 marks another milestone in our lives – officially one year in Saratoga Springs.

So much has changed in that year, 365 days of a life of more than 15,500 and counting.

We said goodbye to my mother, got married, sold a childhood home, bought our first Saratoga house, re-adjusted to winter in the Northeast and experienced the thrills and bested the rigors of covering the 40-day Saratoga meeting for The Saratoga Special.

So much has stayed the same in that same year.

Now that it’s a year later I remember thinking about where to watch the key Derby preps and the Final Four, anxiously awaited getting the bikes out, counted the days until horses arrived and the Oklahoma Training Track opened and thought about getting fit (again). Mostly it was a feeling of anticipation, for spring, for personal and professional challenges and for the new year ahead.

So maybe April 3 should be my personal New Year’s Day.

It will always mark another year back in Saratoga and maybe it can mark another start of something great.