Minus 15

- -

February’s version of spring came and went here in Saratoga Springs Sunday afternoon, as temperatures finally crept above freezing, people took to the sidewalks and driveways in lighter coats and bright sunshine melted away some of the ice caked inches thick after weeks of accumulation.

Then the bottom fell out, again.

The thermometer – aka The Weather Channel app on my iPhone – read minus 15 degrees this morning a little after 6:30. The chickens didn’t seem to mind, they were clucking away, eating everything in sight and gearing up to lay some eggs. The dog, not so much, she wasn’t a fan of the walkway behind the house, a shiny sheet of ice that could give skating rinks a run for their money. The only other living soul in the household, the cat, is the smartest of all and doesn’t even consider heading out like he does the other three seasons.

It’s about as cold as it gets here in the Northeast and even though there’s a four-day-weekend trip to Florida coming up in less than two weeks, it often feels like it’ll never let up. Thankfully I read a few words in the newspaper this morning – yes, the actual newspaper; and one that gets delivered to my front door every day – that gave reason for inspiration, or at least warmer thoughts.

“The February sun is starting to strengthen,” National Weather Service Meteorologist Hugh Johnson said in the Daily Gazette article about ice dams.

Don’t now what ice dams are? You’ve seen them, if you’re anywhere near the Northeast.

Google it.

Here’s hoping the February sun strengthens some more and quickly.

I started this column at about 7 a.m., before breakfast and then going to the basement to retrieve some back issues of The Saratoga Special to submit for the American Horse Publications awards, and even though it’s more than three hours later the temperature isn’t yet above 0.

Almost, it’s minus 1.