Juggling the variables

- -

The variables. The variables. The variables. Earlier in the week, there was a chance seven of the eight horses in Riverdee Stable could run in the next nine days. Then the variables…

We entered Eagle Poise in the Sycamore at Keeneland today. It’s rained, turf has been downgraded to yielding, we don’t want to run on yielding turf. But would like to run on synthetic. The rest of the turf races have been taken off the turf. When will they decide? Is it raining now? We canceled the plane, no sense going on a day trip to scratch, what with work and kids and wives… But what if the race switches to the main track? Guess, we’ll watch from the couch. Another race from the couch. Or, he’ll wait for another day. More variables. What other day? Swing for the fences, there’s a million-dollar race at Woodbine. Make contact, aim at a 12-furlong allowance at Woodbine as well.

The International Gold Cup offered a starter handicap Saturday. Entries came out Tuesday, three horses entered. Whoa, put one in there. We added Prime Prospector. They cancelled the race and split the maiden. Makes sense, but Prime Prospector will now wait two weeks for a conditioned claimer at Montpelier. No problem. We have Hear The Word making another return, in the Virginia-bred flat race at Great Meadow. There’s a rider switch – Gary Stevens to Blair Waterman.

Far Hills Saturday. The biggest day of the year in American steeplechasing. Riverdee has two representatives. Apse, enjoying a stellar season. Royal Bonsai, trying to salvage a dismal season. The National Steeplechase Association and The Far Hills Steeplechase stepping up to the plate, splitting the novice stakes into two divisions. In this game, you live in hope. Maybe we can win two.

Two prospects gearing up for their fall debuts in England. A few variables there too.