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“Dad, pretend you’re an astronaut and you’re being chased by a comet.”

Working from home. I actually tell the person on the phone, “Hold on, a comet is chasing me.”

Miles sick and Annie studying, missed skiing Friday, watched racing Saturday, Super Bowl (or whatever you want to call it) Sunday, now it’s beginning to snow Monday morning. We’ve read dinosaur books, predator books, pirate books and I’ve now relented and turned on the TV. About to start cooking breakfast.

I just called the Middleburg Exxon to cancel this morning’s appointment for an oil change, they said no problem. Then called back and said the appointment’s tomorrow. Ah, that’s handy.

Miles explains an engineering equation, a natural phenomenon and a flying machine, I ask him where he learned such things, he tells me, “Cat in the Hat.” Smart guy, Dr. Seuss, I hope he knows what he’s talking about.

Bacon and eggs or pancakes?