Cup of Coffee: Match Game

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Communication today. My phone barely rings, but it buzzes all day, all night. Texts from friends and family, clients and competitors, fans and foes. 

Here’s a list of texts I received this week, offers a snapshot into the world of racing at Saratoga. Can you guess the senders? The first person to correctly match the texts with the senders gets a prize. Email your answers to [email protected].

Text Messages

  1. Would you be interested in calling a 6 pony Shetland steeplechase race in Central Park
  2. Do you have any cookies left?
  3. Are you at the races? I’ll be there for feature unless it’s your baby.
  4. Sean, I know you wouldn’t but just wanted to make sure you would not quote me.
  5. I can’t sneak anything by you.
  6. No secrets in Saratoga – that never changes.
  7. I went with my gut.
  8. The money department is up to you and your clients as regards to riding him, I would LOVE to.
  9. Not sure yet. Have to take my friend to bus at 3.
  10. A handful of wed. At bruce browns please
  11. Me too. Xoxx.
  12. I know this is selfish, but wish you guys did The Special seven days a week.
  13. Maker’s bunny.
  14. He forgot to stretch his legs, can you go do that now.
  15. Sweet! Man, I thought we were a winner at the top of the stretch!
  16. Enjoy. Least I could do for all the work you guys do, that I read for free! Hoping to make it up there next year. Hoping!
  17. Clydesdale.
  18. U alive?
  19. Yea, she was very game…and for one of ours to still keep finishing going 5 ½ says a lot.
  20. Overheard: We ate at a pretty good place tonight. Good food but they closed a little early. Half the wait staff is on work release and has a curfew. The rest are hookers that need to get their real job.
  21. Everywhere I go… “Sean Clancy, very smart man, he’s so good.”
  22. Got your package, much appreciated.
  23. Any value in jumpers?
  24. From Saturday. “First Time Guilding.” One of my favorite angles.
  25. Them beatlebugs have dumped bags 3 times each full. They have eaten leaves of apple tree front of house. Working on one in back yard.
  26. You got $2.50 a horse??!!! I was robbed.



A.   Eddie Graham. Before the Arlington Million.
B.   Bob Buika. Our music man.
C.   Jack Clancy. Nephew.
D.   Keith O’Brien. After missing to light up the tote board Friday.
E.    Lisa Lewis. After a pretty horse went to the track.
F.    Bryan Walls. Hungry clocker.
G.   Steve Byk. Reading the changes.
H.   Tim Keefe. After sending a horse to Saratoga.
I.     My wife. No hint needed. Just love, baby
J.    Seth Gregory. Without hearing a response.
K.   John Fahey. Former trainer missing Saratoga.
L.    Tom Law. Manning the ship.
M.   John Nicholls. Looking for an angle.
N.   Mary Ryan. Watching what she says.
O.   Jenn Patterson. After a first-time starter finished fourth.
P.    Sheila Clancy. Comparing notes.
Q.   The Paper Lady. Making her rounds.
R.   Jack Fisher. After Todd Wyatt put the tack on a horse for him.
S.    Andrew Tinkler. British jump jockey.
T.   Kate Dalton. After receiving a photo of her two horses training.
U.   Todd Wyatt. Doing night check at the Annex.
V.   Regina Welsh. Guiding the future.
W.  Kip Elser. Always a contributor.
X.   Matt Muzikar. The agent is missed.
Y.   Charles Lee. Taking care of the farm.
Z.    Gabby Gaudet. Former Special reporter must be looking to return.