Car’s Packed

- -

The last morning. Off to Saratoga today. The end of summer. By the time I come home, Miles will be back in school, a first-grader. Doing the math, I’ve missed about six months of his life by going to Saratoga every summer since he was born in 2008. I wish I didn’t do that math.

Forty days of racing, from July 24 to Sept. 7. I remember when it was a month – the August place to be – you arrived hungry for racing and you departed, still hungry for racing. Now, it’s different. But, isn’t everything? Back then, it was easier to close a door and go to Saratoga, everything I owned was in my car. Now, there are details, so many details. And I wondered why parents were so stressed. 

OK, enough melancholy. It’s time for Saratoga – 40 days of racing, 34 editions of The Special. See you there.