Before and After

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I wrote the following preview before the Colonial Cup. It was meant to be part of a Friday feature. It never saw the light of day, somehow lost between Middleburg and Camden, computer and website.

Saturday, a champion will be crowned. Divine Fortune will take them on the same merry dance he took them on at Far Hills. Demonstrative will try to bookend a year that started with a high in the Iroquois but has produced little since. Pierrot Lunaire will try to prove last year wasn’t a fluke. Italian Wedding will finish it out like a street sweeper after a long night. Gustavian will chip away like he does every time, a win would make him champion. The Grey Express will try to become the first mare to win the race. Sir Dynamite will try to pick up the pieces for local owner Dale Thiel, who would surely enjoy the lift. Changing Times will try to go from Cheltenham in March to Camden in November. Martini Brother will try to go from maiden to champion. Alajmal will try to reproduce his 2012 Colonial Cup and 2013 Carolina Cup and erase everything in between. Spy In The Sky jumped the last in contention a year ago but time is against him. Barnstorming would be Sheppard’s finest hour. Decoy Daddy, fourth last year, deserves a big one.

I wrote the following recap after the Colonial Cup Monday.

Saturday, a champion was crowned. We just don’t know whom. Divine Fortune never heard his slow song and got knocked off the dance floor. Demonstrative roared into contention but couldn’t see it out. Pierrot Lunaire has reverted to his pre-2013 form. Italian Wedding did indeed pick up the pieces to collect third money. Gustavian slit two throats while pressing the pace and lost Paddy Young when the race was over. The Grey Express tried to no avail. Sir Dynamite couldn’t find the pieces. Changing Times learned Camden is a long way from Cheltenham. Martini Brother, the backup plan to Divine Fortune, stayed home. Alajmal reproduced his best efforts, nearly threw it away, then won for fun for replacement jockey Xavier Aizpuru and Hall of Famer Janet Elliot. Time seems to have caught up with Spy In The Sky. Barnstorming stormed into it after the last but was second best, leading a 2-3-4 finish for Sheppard. Decoy Daddy needs the relief of the Noel Laing.