Back to reality

- -

Paddling around in kayaks and stand-up paddleboards while talking to my new father-in-law helped bring out a realization the other afternoon.

We were talking about how it had been since we’d seen each other and how it would be before we’d see each other again. Three months we agreed on, give or take a few days. In the grand scheme of life three months is nothing. Sure a little longer than the upcoming Saratoga racing season-at least for this year-but still not quite the length of the National Hockey League playoffs (I think).

It’s been three months since my now wife Elizabeth and I packed everything we hadn’t sold off into a moving van and made the trek from Lexington to Saratoga Springs. It’ll also be about three months-with any luck-that we’ll be back in Lexington, first for a few weeks of racing at Keeneland and then for the annual Bourbon Chase.

If you don’t know what that is, don’t skip ahead, it’s a running race. Seriously.

More on that in future posts. Trust me, it’ll be worth it.

But back to reality here for a bit.

A lot can happen in three months and a lot did happen.

Notably we celebrated and toasted a new chapter of our lives together just a few days after we celebrated another life and said goodbye to my mother.

Now we move to the next chapter. We’re still shaking off the dust after three days of wedding celebrations-I mean, seriously, who goes for three days after saying they were going to have a “small event?”-but looking forward to racing here at the Spa.

We better be ready, because it’s coming and coming fast.

Nine days to go.

A lot of it is unknown-my first season on the staff with The Saratoga Special-but at least we can find solace in what is known. There will be 40 days of racing (weather permitting). There will be two yearling auctions. There will be papers to hand out, ads to sell, stories to write, morning workouts to watch, races to dissect and analyze, deadlines to meet and late nights and early mornings to endure. I know there’s so much more and I look forward to finding out about it all and diving right in.

But for now what is known is comforting, even if it’s daunting.

Nine days to go.

It can’t come soon enough.