Here & There: April 23

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A little from Middleburg, Monkton, Atlanta, Charles Town, Saratoga, the road to the Kentucky Derby…


Worth Repeating

“He’s good.” – Trainer Alicia Murphy, when asked how Cornhusker was doing before the Middleburg Hunt Cup

“He’s better than good.” – Observer after watching Cornhusker dominate the timber feature

“I never thought a hundred bucks was bad luck.” – Trainer Todd Wyatt, expressing his opinion about whether winning the groom’s award was bad luck (Wyatt-trained Promised Destiny won the best turned out award at Middleburg)

“I told you.” – Trainer Jack Fisher, in a text to an TIHR editor, after Easy Reach won at Atlanta

“I’m always surprised, right?” – Trainer Graham Motion, about his expectations for horses

“Your dad looks the same. The rest of us, not so much…” – Trainer Sanna Hendriks, about Joe Clancy Sr. in a 30-year-old win picture

“There aren’t any buds out.” – TIHR’s Tom Law about spring in Saratoga

“2014?” – Sheila Clancy, when asked if she wanted to run a 15K in Middleburg May 18

“You need more horses.” – Friend to Danielle Hodsdon, after hearing her thoughts/plans/fears about In My Eyes

“I know.” – Hodsdon, in response

“Keep it.” – HRRN’s Michelle Penna, when offered her pen back by a flu-ridden Sean Clancy at the Charles Town Classic

“That’s a tricky distance.” – Trainer Michael Gorham after Singing My Way won a mile and a quarter starter at Charles Town

“God luck might be better.” – Owner after receiving a text that was supposed to say Good luck and came out God luck

“We could have saved a lot of gas money and had that race at home.” – Trainer Bruce Fenwick about a two-horse Virginia point-to-point race between Maryland neighbors Bon Caddo and Incomplete

“Sugar Bears – never.” Trainer Joe Davies, asked if he’d ever had to sweat a photo-finish decision for as long as Saturday’s Grand National (Spencer Road edged Foyle)

Dad: “Miles, do you want to go to the races?” Miles: “Is it the place with the rocks, Dad? Then yes.” (The joys of Glennwood Park)

“I ride him every day, I think it’s good for our relationship.” – Jockey Carol-Ann Sloan, after winning again on veteran Decoy Daddy

“I’m always right, except when I’m wrong.” – Jump jockey Diana Gillam, on whether she took the right course with Brother Sy at the Grand National (she did, and wound up the winner)

“I know there’s no interviewing for second place, but…” – Jump trainer Kathy Neilson, whose horse Almarmooq was the runner-up in the allowance timber at the Grand National

“I can’t go out there, it would be too depressing. The three horses we have are at the farm.” – Dave Hudson, managing partner of Huddie Stables when it was suggested he take a trip out to the Oklahoma Training Track to watch morning training with his family Easter weekend

“If I do this might turn into a lunch.” – New York Thoroughbred Breeders’ Executive Director Jeff Cannizzo when asked during a Saratoga Chamber of Commerce breakfast to discuss the future of his industry

“Believe it or not, you can buy the same underwear here in Saratoga that you can buy in Manhattan.” – Cannizzo, responding to question about whether there was anything missing about Saratoga. Earlier a breakfast attendee told the group her business was buying and outfitting all types of clothes for men, with the exception of underwear

“We’re in the game because we love horses. There’s certainly easier ways to make a living than getting up seven days a week and going to the racetrack. You’d have to be a martyr to do it if you didn’t love horses. That whole thing was just very unfair and not a good indication at all.” – Jimmy Jerkens on the negative publicity cast on racing by PETA and The New York Times

“I teased Victor the other day. I said, ‘if he keeps winning by that far I might take out my license and ride him myself.’ ” – Trainer and 75-year-old retired jockey Art Sherman on Kentucky Derby favorite California Chrome

“He won’t win any beauty contests…but having said that he makes up for it in try and heart.” – Mike Maker on Louisiana Derby winner Vicar’s In Trouble

“I hope it does.” – Maker on whether the mile and a quarter will ‘catch up to’ Wildcat Red

“You’re with him everyday so no one knows the horse as good as you do. Don’t let anyone sway your judgment.” – Jerkens on the advice he got from his father and Hall of Fame trainer Allen Jerkens heading into the Derby with Wicked Strong


By the Numbers

1,750: Dollars in fines levied by the stewards for three races (3!) at the Grand National. 

10.6: Average age of the 15 entries in the Maryland Hunt Cup