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It’s happened the past few weekends, I have actually thought to myself, “Should be time for the Sunday Long Read.” And in minutes, sometimes seconds, the Sunday Long Read comes across my email.

Part of me wonders, questions, if it will continue, two guys trying to push a rock up a hill, you always wonder. Part of me expects it, waiting for something new to read, something worthy. They do the work. The reader reaps the rewards. This weeks bounced into my email at 9:01, it didn’t take long to find an excerpt that makes a difference. 

This week’s editor, Jonathan Coleman, provided it early. 

Of all the things I have learned throughout the many years I have been a nonfiction writer, perhaps the most important one is this: that people have a nearly unfathomable desire to explain themselves, that they long to be understood. How you present yourself to them, how you gain their trust, and how you make use of what they have shared with you is everything. Everything. 

That’s good. 

I’m halfway through one of Coleman’s selections, a harrowing read about the Thailand cave rescue. Read it here.