TIHR’s 15 for 2015: No. 11

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Time to recap a little now that we’re into the second week of the countdown of the This Is Horse Racing’s most popular stories. The first four in the series – No. 15 through 12 if you will – included pieces about the Triple Crown, specific horses, efforts to bring racing to the Southeast and important decisions. None were overly pointed, but the 11th most popular story of 2015 certainly can be considered opinionated.

Keith O’Brien’s guest Viewpoint titled “Rage for the sake of the sport” was published early in the year, touched on several key issues facing the game and undoubtedly struck a few nerves.

In the piece, which starts out with a famous quote from Welsh writer and poet Dylan Thomas calling for “RAGE against the dying of the light,” O’Brien says lessons can be learned from the past and not the “unmitigated glorification of the past, but rather an acknowledgement and examination of both the good and bad.”

The son of a trainer, a trainer himself and a retired jump jockey, O’Brien later discusses purses and field size, how they correlate to one another, and eventually lands on a somewhat controversial and not frequently discussed topic.


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