TIHR’s 14 for 2014: No. 12

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The name of the game is horse racing, but the people involved help play a key role in making it great.

From major players to fringe participants, they’ve all got a story. Sometimes their stories aren’t about horse racing at all, but about life and its myriad challenges.

Our friend Mark Hennig and his daughter Taylor get assists for Sean Clancy’s post that appeared on his The Inside Rail blog Feb. 11, titled “For Madison.” Sean wrote the introduction, Taylor wrote (and spoke) the rest.

Here’s the introduction:

“Monday night, sitting on the couch, toiling with an article that wouldn’t end, the Olympics playing in the background, a long day winding down, when my friend Mark Hennig sent me an email. I cried for two girls. Madison Holleran, a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania, committed suicide, jumping from a roof in Philadelphia January 17. She was 19. Taylor Hennig wrote and spoke the following as a tribute to her friend. We asked Taylor if we could share it, she said sure. Like she wrote, if it helps one person…and Taylor, I too, have sought professional help along the way.”

Check out what Taylor wrote on No. 12 of our 14 for 14 list of most popular stories.

No. 12: For Madison


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