TIHR’s 14 for 2014: No. 11

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The racing world seemed to lose more than its share of colorful characters than usual in 2014 and few can argue that the game got a little blander after the sudden death of Dominic Galluscio in March.

Galluscio died at the age of 55 after a brief battle with pancreatic cancer. The loss touched people in all corners of the game, especially in New York. Born in the Bronx and New Yorker through and through, Galluscio plied his trade at NYRA tracks from the early 1980s until his death. His best successes came with New York-breds, including back-to-back wins in the Empire Classic in 2006 (Organizer) and 2007 (Dr. V’s Magic).

He was known for plenty of other winners, too, and he was extremely well known for his signature attire.

Sean Clancy wrote about Galluscio’s dapper dress in his March 18 “Goodbye Dominic” post that appeared on The Inside Rail.

“Ah, the yellow sport coats. And the purple ones, the pink ones, the light blue ones. Actually, they probably had better titles – definitely fuschia, perhaps salmon, maybe azure,” Sean wrote. “The New York training circuit has lost some of its color.”

“Dominic Galluscio died Monday morning. The 55-year-old trainer died from a brief battle with pancreatic cancer. Known for colorful sport coats, a cigar and a smile, Galluscio was part of what I admired in the horse trainer as a whole. He was part of the fabric, part of the horse trainer’s wallpaper, part of the crazy fraternity of men and women who ply their trade in such a captivating and frustrating profession. There is never just one road to get where you’re going.”

The piece went on to tell a story about Sean selling copies of his book, with an assist from trainer Gary Sciacca, including one to Galluscio that he probably didn’t remember agreeing to buy.

Enjoy No. 11 on our 14 for 2014 countdown of the most popular stories at thisishorseracing.com.

11. Goodbye Dominic


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