The Sunday Special & Picks – Aug. 21

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Nest slams the door – again – on the competition in Saturday’s Grade 1 Alabama Stakes at Saratoga. Tod Marks Photo.

And then there were two. Well, almost two. Weeks that is, remaining in the 2022 Saratoga Race Course meeting.

Where did your summer go? Where did ours go? OK, maybe we won’t get into the trials and tribulations that went into the 22nd season of The Saratoga Special. We have four issues remaining, and big ones indeed.

But first there’s the final day of Week 5 to finish up and a 10-race card topped by the eighth running of the $150,000 Bolton Landing Stakes for 2-year-old fillies sprinting on the grass. Who’s been to Bolton Landing? We suggest a trip up, perhaps on the upcoming dark days.

Here are the picks for Sunday, Aug. 21. Good luck.

1-Hay Stack, Hola Gata, Corningstone.
2-Deep Cover, Phantom Smoke, Yarrow.
3-Forty Smooth, Red Pepper Grill, Photos entry.
4-Icon, Arthurian, Vincent.
5-Devamani, Attentive, Grand Journey.
6-Rarify, Spelterini, Good Sam.
7-Balthus, Reigning Spirit, Founder.
8-Repealing, Awesome Indra, Baba.
9-Loves Reigns, Sweet Harmony, Kerry.
10-Vagaries, Empress Theodora, Candlestick Maker.

TOM LAW (88/286):
1-Cookie Crumbs, Pleasant Passage, Hay Stack.
2-Phantom Smoke, Yarrow, Bustin Shout.
3-Forty Smooth, Linny Kate, My Girl Lexi.
4-Icon, Vincent, El Segundo.
5-Grand Journey, Attentive, Devamani.
6Spelterini, Rarify, Grand Love.
7-Reigning Spirit, Balthus, Mud Pie.
8-Repealing, Baba, Chloe Rose.
9-Love Reigns, Sweet Harmony, Aztec Nights.
10-Vagaries, Candlestick Maker, Empress Theodora.

1-Misintention, Cookie Crumbs, Hay Stack.
2-Phantom Smoke, Quickflash, Yarrow.
3-Englehart entry, My Girl Lexi, Forty Smooth.
4-Icon, Vincent, Arthurian
5-Grand Journey, Monarchs Glen, Devamani.
6-Spelterini, Rarify, Grand Love.
7-Claytnthelionheart, Kinenos, Mud Pie.
8-Baba, Repealing, Awesome Indra.
9-Redifined, Sweet Harmony, Love Reigns.
10-Miscreant, Vagaries, Candlestick Maker.

ROB WHITLOCK (79/286):
1-Hola Gata, Positive Message, Pleasant Passage.
2-Phantom Smoke, Bustin Shout, Yarrow.
3-Forty Smooth, Englehart entry, My Girl Lexi.
4-Icon, Vincent, Matty’s Maurauder.
5-Grand Journey, Devamani, Tiberius Mercurius.
6-Spelterini, Rarify, Grand Love.
7-Reigning Spirit, Tide Of The Sea, Ajourneytofreedom.
8-Repealing, To A T, Baba.
9-Aztec Nights, Redifined, Kerry.
10-Candlestick Maker, Vagaries, Miscreant.

1-Positive Message, Pleasant Passage, Hay Stack.
2-Deep Cover, Phantom Smoke, Yarrow.
3-Forty Smooth, Veradia, Red Pepper Grill.
4-Icon, Arthurian, Nature Boy.
5-Grand Journey, Devamani, Monarch’s Glen.
6-Grand Love, Good Sam, Rarify.
7-Balthus, Founder, Tide Of The Sea.
8-Exxaltress, Repealing, Chloe Rose.
9-Danse Macabre, Grand Oak, Redefined.
10-Miscreant, Ironic Lady, Vagaries.

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