The Friday Special & Picks – Aug. 19

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Bonny South, second in Saratoga’s Alabama (above) and Personal Ensign the last two seasons, gets some class relief in Friday’s Summer Colony. Tod Marks Photo.

The weekend is here, and another strong card at Saratoga Race Course awaits.

A 10-race program topped by a strong renewal of the $135,000 Summery Colony for older females and a puzzling edition of the $150,000 Skidmore for 2-year-olds sprinting on the grass is set for Friday. The handicappers dug into those races, and the other eight on the card.

Remember, the picks appear online Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays (and Labor Day, Sept. 5) from here through the end of the meet. Picks run in the print edition of The Saratoga Special Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Here are the picks for Friday, Aug. 19. Good luck.

1-Psychic Income, Strong Light, Cheeky Tico.
2-Beachfront Bid, Gather The Facts, Lady Firefoot.
3-The Reds, Cash entry, Bourbons Calling.
4-Klaravich entry, Outperform, Whiskey Lullaby.
5-Perfect Silent Cat, Nicholas James, Joey Loose Lips.
6-Secretary Of War, Provision, Thethrillofvictory.
7-Crowding Out, Freedom Speaks, American Heroine.
8-First To Act, Envoutante, Bonny South
9-Diva Ready, Judge Judith, Hatari.
10-Oxymore, Appraise, No Nay Hudson.

TOM LAW (80/265):
1-Psychic Income, Strong Light, North Pole.
2-Beachfront Bid, Miss Bonnie T, Free Chickens.
3-Bourbon Calling, Galerio, Alejandro.
4-Brown entry, Outperform, Logan’s Runner.
5-Joey Loose Lips, Eminency, Nicolas James.
6-Provision, Secretary Of War, Let’s Go Big Blue.
7-A Little Faith, American Heroine, Osiria.
8-Bonny South, Army Wife, Envoutante.
9-Diva Ready, Judge Judith, Rosemary Potatoes.
10-Oxymore, Noble Huntsman, No Nay Hudson.

1-Psychic Income, Strong Light, North Pole.
2-Beachfront Bid, Gather The Facts, Miss Bonnie T.
3-Cash entry, Shooger Ray Too, The Reds.
4-Brown entry, Outperform, Whiskey Lullaby.
5-Eminency, Joey Loose Lips, Top Of The Mint.
6-Chulligan, Provision, Secretary Of War.
7-Baba, Crowding Out, Osiria.
8-Bonnie South, Leader Of The Band, Army Wife.
9-Mariah’s Fortune, Vintage Girl, Diva Ready.
10-Oxymore, No Nay Hudson, Appraise.

ROB WHITLOCK (70/265):
1-No Code, Strong Light, Psychic Income.
2-Gather The Facts, Beachfront Bid, Birthday Time.
3-The Reds, Two Thirty Five, Bourbon Calling.
4-Indemnify, Outperform, Whiskey Lullaby.
5-Got The Gold, Top Of The Mint, Joey Loose Lips.
6-Provision, Secretary Of War, Widmark.
7-Crowding Out, American Starlet, American Heroine.
8-Envoutante, Army Wife, First To Act.
9-Diva Ready, Hatari, Mirth’n Merriment.
10-Oxymore, Private Creed, Appraise.

1-Psychic Income, North Pole, Ministerial.
2-Lady Firefoot, Birthday Time, Beachfront Bid.
3-Bourbon Calling, Alejandro, Two Thirty Five.
4-Whiskey Lullaby, Indemnify, Outperform.
5-Got The Gold, Eminency, Top Of The Mint.
6-Secretary Of War, Provision, Thethrillofvictory.
7-Neon Summer, American Heroine, American Starlet.
8-First To Act, Bonny South, Leader Of The Band.
9-Judge Judith, Hatari, Diva Ready.
10-Oxymore, Cadillac Candy, No Nay Hudson.