TIHR Top 10 for 2018: No. 6

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One of our favorite things at This Is Horse Racing, The Saratoga Special or anything else we do is meeting the horses that make our great game go.

The sixth most read story of 2018 did just that and we called on a student from the University of Oklahoma to tell the tale of the apt-named Contrarytoordinary. The piece titled “Far from ordinary” came to us from Jade Cunningham, a senior at Oklahoma studying communications and former assistant trainer and veterinary assistant at tracks in the Southwest.

Jade’s piece explained how the son of Valid Expectations worked as a test-barn escort, taking racehorses from the holding barn to the paddock, at Lone Star Park all while continuing his own training as a member of Dan Pish’s string.

“Contrarytoordinary received his name due to his energetic and unpredictable personality,” Jade wrote.

“Pish started riding Contrarytoordinary himself in the mornings. To get him ready to be the escort, Pish put Contrarytoordinary in a stock saddle and performed multiple different tasks, ranging from working calves to ponying other racehorses in the Pish barn.

“Watching Contrarytoordinary perform his escorting duties, one would never know he possessed such an energetic personality. Pish noted that the colt’s manners and confidence had improved since he had been given the escort job. His manners had improved so much that it wasn’t until Contrarytoordinary had broken his maiden that the head outrider became aware he was a 2-year-old colt in training.”

The story ran February 27 and is No. 6 on the TIHR Top 10 for 2018.

No. 6: Far From Ordinary

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