Work: Writing, selling, parenting, riding…

- -

“What are you working on?”

It is asked often. Mostly, because people don’t really know what I do. Which is fair, because there are plenty of days when I don’t know what I do.

I laughed at the question.

Then it was asked again, “No, what are you working on?”

Really? You want to know.

Teaching Eagle Poise a new trade. The Grade 3 stakes winner hopped over his first log yesterday. He cantered in circles, left and right, picking up his lead on the first attempt. Small victories. In racing, he had to win the San Juan Capistrano to be successful. In this sphere, a victory is when he walks to the ring by himself, keeping his composure, when he stands on the cross-ties, when he lopes instead of gallops. I have a blister on the inside of my right ring finger, I’m doing something wrong. Annie says I need to turn my thumbs up. I spent 13 years riding jumpers trying to keep my thumbs buried. I’ll keep trying. As for Eagle Poise, he’s getting there.

Working on another horse deal in England. Vetting, VAT, wiring, shipping…we’ve reloaded the cabinets for clients and also our own endeavor, Riverdee Stable. Trying to book a trip to Royal Ascot. And Cheltenham. Possible. Stay tuned.

The garden. Hmm. The garden. Plant by May 15. Well, we missed that, but we’re getting close. Strawberries are blooming, blackberries and raspberries are stretching, my volunteer tomato plants have returned, I love nature, they come back year after year, like old friends. And the garden is tilled, not planted but tilled. Planting late means maybe there will be ripe vegetables when I return from Saratoga…that’s one way to look at it.

Ah, yes, Saratoga. Advertising. It is time. Memorial Day signals the moment of panic. Just email and sign up, save all the trouble. Year 15. Crazy.

The Triple Crown. Off to Belmont Park next week. It is that time of year again, Triple Crown talk. It happens at this time of year. Not all years. Not most years. Some years. Yeah, I guess, some years. At baseball practice, at the dentist, at Hill School, everybody wants to know about American Pharoah. It seems I have a cool job, at least for three weeks between the Preakness and the Belmont.

Fatherhood. Guess, that’s included too. Not a job, and definitely not work, but does affect my job, my work. Annie’s been traveling, a lot. I’m cooking, cleaning and chauffeuring Miles, making up for the time I’ll be away this summer. After dinner last night, I asked him to compare my meals to Mom’s meals, he thought about it and said, “Well, Dad, yours are a lot quicker.” That’s good enough for me. Just heard his door open and slam, breakfast time.

Off to work.