Winter wonderland

- -

The running joke around the house here in Lexington goes something like this: “We need to move to upstate New York just to get warm.”

It’s said mostly in jest, but with some meaning as winter continues to trudge on here in the Bluegrass. Moving day is coming fast, less than two weeks now. I know, I know, I know, who moves right before the Keeneland spring meet opens?

Maybe the month-long trip to Ocala in February was a tease. The plan was to escape part of usually relatively mild Lexington winter, return for what is almost always the moderate month of March, then make the trek to Saratoga in time for early spring. Avoid any serious winter, aside from December and January, but that was then and we already suffered and survived.

Great plan.

Funny thing about plans.

Florida in February was great. Kentucky in March, not so much. I don’t even want to think about what New York in April will be like. Who am I kidding, I remember what it’s like and frequently tell the story of an outdoor track and field meet getting postponed because of snow, in early May.

Monday it went a step further and it went from bad to worse in the weather department.

Literally as I click this keyboard snow is on the ground and in the air.

Heavy rains-which made us wimpy enough Sunday to call off a planned long run-turned into snow sometime in the night. Now it reminds me of those college days in Central New York, where it seemed to snow all the time but never accumulate. Such is the story of Kentucky’s winter of 2013.

Complaining about the weather of course doesn’t do any good, but everyone does it. I’m sure it will be the top conversation later this morning at the barber shop, what with any serious talk of the Kentucky Wildcats being involved in a meaningful basketball game silenced weeks ago.

It doesn’t do any good either to look at the long-range forecast, mainly because it always seems to change or is frequently wrong. But everyone does that, too. Looking down the road it looks a little more seasonal, with sunny skies some days and temperatures in the mid to upper 50s others.

The optimist in me says the good weather will follow us north.

The realist? He knows better. Now where did I pack those boots and scarves again?