Volunteer Thursday

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Board meetings. All day. Volunteer board meetings. Pushing elephants up the stairs.

Quick trip to Saratoga for the New York Thoroughbred Breeders Awards Dinner Tuesday, good trip to the Spa, still plenty of snow, the racecourse a desolate looking shell below the metal-color sky. The red and white of summer nowhere to be seen.

Apse ran OK last weekend, sounded like a tactical affair, everybody making a run at the same time. Good place to get started. We’ll regroup and look for a race in May. Hear The Word and Prime Prospector making their 2014 debuts at Strawberry Hill, er, Colonial Downs, er, Dogwood Classic. Trying to put together a road trip; Miles, 5, Dad, 79. Hear The Word has been good in bad races and bad in good races, we’re hoping the change in codes makes the difference. Prime Prospector, a minimum-wage contributor, doing his job. Promised Destiny makes his 2014 debut on the flat at Elkridge-Harford Point-to-Point, one taking place without Tom Voss, a bittersweet affair for all. As Voss would say, “The game is afoot.”

Valdez sounds recovered and refreshed from Cheltenham, we are obviously skipping Aintree and aiming at Ayr or Fairyhouse. Three strong cards at Aintree, wonder if they’ll put them on the big screen at the board meetings?