Unwrap the Halter, take off the bandages

- -

Could be worse. I just got a call from our van driver, he was sideswiped on 95 and wound up in the guardrail, then the ditch. Hurt his shoulder, “Feels like when you fall off a horse.” I know the feeling. Horse isn’t going anywhere today. As I tell Miles, “There are big problems and little problems.” The horse staying another day is a little problem, crashing and winding up in the hospital is a big problem.

Riverdee runs Alzammaar Friday and Motivational Saturday. In between, I’m hosting a Narnia birthday party for Miles – anybody know how to build a wardrobe that 25 kids can walk through?

Alzammaar makes his third start for us, takes on a big field of hurdlers at Doncaster. I like the entry system over there, you enter five days out, see who’s entered (27 in this case) and declare the day before. A 4-year-old by Birdstone, he stayed well to be seventh (of 24) in his most recent start at Cheltenham.

Motivational makes his first start for us, takes on a big field of allowance horses at Turfway Park. In September, I texted Charlie LoPresti about the 3-year-old son of Afleet Express, “What about Motivational? Would he work and/or be for sale?” I got a quick response, “Sure he will, I’ll sell um today.” I looked and thought ‘that’s strange, Charlie never responds that quick and never that definitively,’ then realized, it was from Steven, my neighbor, who raises cattle. I texted Steven, “Sorry, wrong text.” He wrote back, “Dam, I just named the first cow I saw Motivational.” I told him Motivational’s running Saturday, he’s betting $100.

Anybody want a road trip? It would be a fun jaunt, Doncaster Friday and Turfway Saturday, nobody’s done that double in history. I once did the Kentucky Derby/Oatlands Point-to-Point double, that’s never been done either – for a reason.