Top 10 things you’ll never read at This Is Horse Racing

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The editors and writers at This Is Horse Racing regret to inform you that if you’re looking for more of the same you are on the wrong website.

If you are looking for unique content that tells the story of racing and its colorful cast of characters, then you’re at the right place. As Joe Clancy pointed out, this is “a spot for reads, a spot for stories.” It’s “about racing, about horses, about horse people.”

1.     Coverage of the Life At Ten saga-It’s not over, yet?

2.     Kentucky Derby top 10, 12, 15, 20, 100 lists-How many are there by the way? (2b should be Breeders’ Cup rankings)

3.     Blow-by-blow race coverage-we know you can read a chart.

4.     Canned quotes passed on like our own-we don’t use them, therefore we will never have a byline attached to a story with them.

5.     Overplayed and overblown commentary on racing’s troubles-again, isn’t there enough of that already?

6.     Stories packaged in a way that makes it look like original content, duping readers (and advertisers) into thinking we’re actually working harder than we are.

7.     News reports on first foals, stallions covering their first mares, first mares checked in foal, and the like-we love our friends, colleagues, and supporters at the farms, but again, there’s certainly other venues for stories like those.

8.     Soapbox platforms for the back and forth bickering and rhetoric about the Lasix debate. We know it’s a big issue, we know all about it, but it’s just not our thing. And besides, we might cover it on other platforms.

9.     You won’t read a forum of comments from the enraged, bitter and grammatically impaired.

10.   Speed figure this, speed figure that. They have their place, but we’ll write about so much more than a number.