The Photographer

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Skateboarders. Addicts. Needle Park. Woodstock. The Beatles. Minelli. Streisand. Eastwood. Astronauts. Motor cycles. Freedom riders. Tears. Laughs. Butkus. Nicklaus. Norton. Raquel. Mud and blood. Red barn in the sun. White barn in the snow. Bobby Kennedy campaigning. Bobby Kennedy dying.

Bill Eppridge. Photographer. 1938-2013.

Eppridge made you walk out of the house with your camera over your shoulder. At Life Magazine and Sports Illustrated, Eppridge captured America, captured the world. His images make you stop…you’re drifting away as Baez sings about Joe Hill at Woodstock…heroin courses through your veins as your future fades…you’re holding Kennedy’s head off the floor as blood pools.

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