Ready for a new website?

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Time to get started on the new Tod Marks photo

New website? In what’s-getting-to-be-late June? Sure thing, what could go wrong?

Hopefully nothing. As the photo shows, and the SEO optimizer tells us, it’s time the new version of breaks from the gate.

We gave TIHR a much-needed facelift, which should be noticing right about now. It’s been a few months of work, some creative, some technical, a lot more somewhere in the middle. Do the links work? We think so. Can you sign up for things? We think so. Can you buy things? We think so. Can you learn about advertising? Definitely.

Welcome to 3.0 (maybe, we’re not really sure). Our internet history goes something like this – compuserve email address full of numbers,,,,, (several versions of it). We’re not the New York Times or CNN. There won’t be many press releases posted and hardly any click bait. There will be content you like to read and we aim to keep it fresh and engaging whether it’s a column, a Saturday Special, coverage of a big race, coverage of a little race or the latest edition of The Saratoga Special.

The end result of this overhaul – thanks in large part to Kentucky’s and the wizards who work there – is a better website and a better experience for everyone – faster connections, increased traffic, far easier and more flexible posting on our end.

Mostly, we hope you enjoy it and we get to the point of posting more content to it and keeping it fresh.

Feel free to have a look around and check back often as we’ll continue to fine tune things as we go. Thanks for reading.