Warming Up

- -

Projected high of 58 degrees Saturday. Time to get out the baseball gloves. 

Jeff and his crew hammer and claw at the kitchen cabinets, 1980 specials. They’ve seen better days. Moving the washer and dryer to the new mudroom. Framing for the new window in the front of the kithen, southern light. 

Lemonade Thursday spent the night in the front field with Border and Blue for the first time. The old timers teaching the new kid a few lessons of life on the streets. 

The puppy was adorable. Of course. We have decided to be prudent, well, we think we have decided to be prudent. In the deep well of house renovation. No place for a puppy. Unfortunately. 

Writing a story about revitalzed jump meets for Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred. 

Trying to finish Old School by Tobias Wolff. Arduous at best. 

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