Tuesday Special

- -

Miles turned 13 Friday. If you ever need to be reminded that time flies, have a child. 

Working on a feature about Graham Watters for Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred, I have the lede and the end, nothing in between (but don’t tell Joe). 

Two horses training off the farm, spring will be here soon. 

The satellite dish, well, the pole, broke in half. I called DISH. They’ll be here Dec. 28. No Charlie Brown Christmas this year.

SOTA call this afternoon. Any issues you would like to discuss? Or, should I say, which issues would you like to discuss? Fences? Opportunities? Purses? Race conditions? Jockeys? Membership? Newsletter?

Trying to get to Fair Hill for the ST Summit, a brief meeting with Joe and Tom to discuss plans for next year. We need months, we have hours.

Joe and Tom battle to compete the 1,000 Mile Challenge, I pulled up long ago, foot issues. No hoof. No horse. 

Construction continues. Lights. Paint color. Outlets on the wall or the floor…

Christmas looms. 

The fourth at Wincanton rolls down the backside. I wonder if Richard Hutchinson is there. Surely.

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