Tuesday Juggle

- -

Juggling three sales while the house is being renovated. I’ve worked in some tricky spots, but this might be the all-time best/worst.

Senor Seville stepped up in his hurdle debut for Riverdee, Danielle Hodsdon and Ross Geraghty at International Gold Cup Saturday. Three former champion jockeys team up to win a race. Wonder if that’s ever happened…I know Chuck Lawrence won some races for Ricky Hendriks…Gus Brown won a race or two for Chip Miller…but owner/trainer/jockey. Call the research department. As if it mattered. 

Tom Garner won three, putting a grip on his first championship and Leslie Young moved ever closer to her first. Double meet at Montpelier and Callaway Gardens next week will surely clinch both races. Surely? Not in this game. 

Beyond our winner, it was a tough day at the races, losing New Member in the steeplethon. Gallant veteran, always tried, always showed up. Jockey Richie Condon suffered a back injury but should recover.  

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