The Road Begins

- -

On the road to Laurel Park today. Back home tonight. Pack Monday. Fair Hill Tuesday morning. Saratoga Tuesday evening. A seven-week blur about to begin. 

Yup, Saratoga starts, summer’s over.

Couple of runners at Laurel today. A rare Riverdee entry in the feature, promising jumpers, or what I thought were promising jumpers, returning to the flat to try to salvage the summer. First and eighth races, that makes for a long day. Or a good day, depending on how they run, I guess. Too long a day for Miles, who tolerates racing as long as there is good food, good books and an occasional historical plaque along the side of the road.

Saratoga looms large. The Saratoga Special, the hibernating bear about to come out of its den. I haven’t written much lately, I hope the muse returns.