The Fall

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Continuing the much-needed conversation about mental health and jockeys, we featured Nathan Horrocks on HRRN last Saturday. A former jump jockey, Horrocks wrote and directed The Fall, a riveting short film at the jockey’s life. 

Listen to the whole conversation on In The Room. 

Horrocks wrote the movie, partly because of the loss of James Banks and Liam Treadwell. Two jockeys, far too young. I asked him what they would have thought about the movie. 

“James and I had some pretty heavy conversations…yet we weren’t being honest with each other,” Horrocks said. “It’s that thing, ‘I want to say something but I can’t.’ I’m hoping this stops us from having another James and another Liam, this will trigger something in someone to say I need to say something, ‘Right, I have these feelings, it’s getting me down and I need help.’ When I pitched this to our stakeholders to give me the funding, it was ‘if this job saves one life…’ “

I’m a long way from the mental anguish of being a jockey, it’s taken me a long time. I’ve been retired for 21 years. Can that be possible? In that time, I have learned a lot about concusssions, depression, the highs and lows of being a jockey and the strange no-man’s land of not being a jockey.  It’s important to talk about it, important to recognize it. 

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