Sir David

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Reading A Life on Our Planet by Sir David Attenborough, the British naturalist and broadcaster. Miles gave the book to me for Fathers’ Day. I promised I would finish it by the time he got home. Tomorrow. I have a lot to do. Fascinating read so far, certainly not uplifting about our planet and what we’ve done to it but, I guess, that’s why it’s worth reading. 

The first chapter is titled 1937. Underneath is the box score. World population: 2.3 billion. Carbon in atmosphere: 280 parts per million. Remaining wilderness: 66 percent. The last chapter in part one is titled 2020. World population: 7.8 million. Carbon in atmosphere: 415 parts per million. Remaining wilderness: 35 percent. 

Staggering numbers. 

Part two is titled What Lies Ahead. Part three is titled A Vision for the Future, How to Rewild the World. The conclusion carries an optimistic title, Our Greatest Opportunity. I’ll let you know what lies ahead, a vision for the future and our greatest opportunity later. 

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