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I’m back after taking a few days off from the tumult of the Iroquois. As Todd Wyatt said early Sunday morning when I was catching a Southwest flight and he was clmbing into his truck for a long, lonely trek home, “That was fun. Kind of.” Racing road trips hinge on winning. 

As for Footpad, he has been diagnosed with a ruptured superficial digital flexor tendon in his left knee. He is walking. He is alive. Obviously like with all equine injuries, it’s still a hard road ahead, but there is a chance. I didn’t think there was a chance when I left Percy Warner Park Saturday evening. 

While watching Footpad Satuday afternoon and writing about him Sunday morning, I thought about Repeat Repeat and his connections, especially his trainer, Julie Gomena. A boulder of a horse who played the game for three seasons, winning twice, the 7-year-old son of Arch was lost far too soon. As we repeat repeat, it’s a tough game, delivering hammer blows to all. 

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