Polling a 7-year-old

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Confused about the presidential election? Don’t be alarmed, ashamed or abashed – the candidates seem confused, too. I look for logic from Miles, 7, on most things. Yes, even the presidential election. He’s watched several debates and has formed strong opinions.

Here’s some of his thoughts, questions and stances after watching the most recent Republican debate.

Donald Trump: “Terrible. Doesn’t he know they’ve been building walls forever? They just don’t work.”

Ted Cruz: “It sounds like he’s helping Donald Trump build the wall.”

Marco Rubio: “I’d rather have the $2,500 (tax credit) we don’t need than have Donald Trump or another unworthy president.”

Ben Carson: “If he was a character in a race, the character wouldn’t be moving from his spot. Just running in place.”

Chris Christie: “Um, I guess he’s kind of good. Well, we know he’s going to become too powerful if he’s president. He doesn’t yell, he’s just very powerful, so it sounds like he’s yelling.”

John Kasich: “You know, I didn’t think he was so powerful at first, last night, he became powerful.”

Jeb Bush: “I notice he’s not going to continue the War-in-Iraq-Bush thing. But, is he still in the race?”

Carly Fiorina: “She’s not a major candidate.”

And then the Democrats…

Bill Clinton: “Gosh, he looks old.”

Martin O’Malley: “He’s gone.”

The Democratic race: “Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are neck and neck. Whose neck is stronger?”

One final thought: “I wish there were more Democrats to choose from.”