Morning Musings

- -

Overcast. Brisk. Rain-sodden ground. We needed the rain, we got it. Good for the garden. Off the turf for Make A Stand at Pimlico yesterday, off the turf at Delaware today, off the turf around the Mid-Atlantic, it’s the Upperville Horse Show, of course, it rained this week. A timeless tradition. 

Royal Ascot looming next week. Entries bing, bing, binging on my Racing Post Horse Tracker. Some I remember entering, others surprise me. Just pieces to the puzzle. 

The spring jump season concludes at the Iroquois in two weeks. Sounds like full fields and full capacity at the Nashville sanctuary. 

Saratoga looming. Large. Thirty-three days. Can that be possible?

Miles is a sixth-grade graduate. Can that be possible?

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