In the Dark

- -

Each morning, I try to wake up in the dark, click on the coffee, putter around the house while everyone else sleeps. Well, everyone but the horsemen, out in the dark in barns afield.

For me, it’s my time. I read a bit of world news, a bit of horse racing. I dabble at writing, fits and starts, sometimes it goes somewhere, other times, it doesn’t. I procrastinate on some things, dream about other things.

If I can stay off Twitter, Facebook, Sportscenter, it’s a success. 

I always check The Racing Post, looking for a feature. Tuesdays and Sundays seem like their best days. 

Today it was Richard Forristal’s feature on Willie Mullins. 

From before he ever acquired his licence to train in 1987, the eldest son of Paddy Mullins, the great 20th-century patriarch of Irish racing, exhibited two characteristics that would ultimately set him apart: vision and ambition.

Vision and ambition. Something to consider as you go through your day, your life, your morning.