In and Out Sunday

- -

Steaming cup of Barry’s Tea, bags found yesterday in a teaming Harris Teeter in Purcellville, and a slice of fresh homemade coffee cake from the farm stand at the School Hill Garden in Round Hill, pay at the honor box. Quiet Sunday morning, another round of snow, more like flurries for now. 

Winter training. Saranac and Lemonade Thursday went out for two and a half hours this morning, small paddock and a round pen. High of 43 degrees. Low of 25. The key to winter – winter training with horses – is to think about April but think about looking back from April not toward April. When we get to Keeneland and Middleburg in April, the Kentucky Derby and the Virginia Gold Cup in May, it won’t seem that long ago, frigid days in January. Now, I admit, the spring targets seem a long way away at the moment. Stay the course. 

Winter cleaning. Picked up $23 by dropping off hockey pants, elbows pads, shoulder pads and a helmet at Play it Again Sports in Leesburg. Yes, I’ve admitted my adult-league hockey days are over (sorry, Al Gallo). Tried to sell a pair of shin pads and evidently hockey equipment has improved. “Nobody wants anything without straps,” I was told. They make shin guards with straps…?

Winter running. Slogged 4 miles yesterday, up and back Pot House Road, my winter route, shrouded by the wind. Slow going. Feet ache. 

Winter tipping. Touted a $21.20 winner in our only pick in The Saturday Special when Ebasari won his hurdle debut. 

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