Horse Farm

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Life on a horse farm. Life and death on a horse farm. That’s the way it feels every day, just trying to keep horses, goat and cats alive. Annie takes the brunt of it, making the decisions, all the decisions. The feed chart, the blanket plan, the turn-out routine…so many decisions. Most work. Some matter. 

Three Steps Ahead (Teddy) began to founder yesterday. The 20-year-old retiree has lived here for about a dozen years. He’s turned out in the front field with Border and Blue, three old timers, Teddy never causes any trouble and then one day, it all comes crashing down. Spring grass, metabolic, old horse. He was lethargic for a few days, didn’t finish his afternoon feed, we called Piedmont Equine Clinic, our go-to vet Dr. Nolan listened to him, took blood, nothing definitive. A few days later, we’re calling him again. Then buying 50-pound bags of sand, 10-pound bags of ice. Sand for pressure in his feet, ice to cool out his feet. It looks like we caught it early, no rotation yet. DMSO, Banamine, ice boots, Gastrogard…all hands on deck. We left the barn at 2:00 in the morning. He was stable. A few hours later, we get up and he’s still stable. That’s all we can hope for at the moment. We are not alone, this is life on a horse farm. 

Two runners for Riverdee tomorrow. Gostisbehere in the maiden claimer and City Dreamer in the Queen’s Cup MPC Chase at Queen’s Cup. Looks like rain and soft ground. 

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