Hard Days

- -

An editor once told me, stop apologizing for not writing and write. Well, here’s a quick apology, sorry, I’ve been absent lately and I’ll get writing.

Brutal weekend. 

We made the agonizing decision to put down Teddy Sunday night. An old soul, part of our family, a stoic, singular character who lived his best life here. I’ll write about him on another day, when I can come to grips with the loss. Miles, Annie and I stumble and bumble in a fog right now, trying to digest it, adjust to it. We’ve been here before but it never gets easier.

Our deepest condolences to Steven Crist and his wife, Robin Foster, who gave Teddy the life he deserved since finishing fifth in a $10,000 claimer at Hawthorne Dec. 21, 2006. 

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